Dedicated IT Solutions

small and medium-sized businesses

Crocoders SMB it is our offer for small and medium-sized businesses. Modern, large scale IT solutions does not have to be available only to large companies with multimillion dollar budgets. With our help SMB companies can be part of digital revolution without high costs of running in-house IT departments. We will analyse your company needs together with you and your team, suggest most optimal technologies and prepare attractive, affordable offer for you.

For whom?

If you are small or medium-sized business willing to improve your company performance with IT solutions or planning to enter some new business activity area then our offer is just for you.

What we can do for you?

  • We will help you to prepare general application concept
  • We will prepare technological analysis suggesting the best tools and technologies
  • We will prepare application visual concept following the latest trends in user interaction design
  • We will deliver ready to use application in competitive price and in competitive time
  • We will handle all formal aspects including legal documents, terms of services, user database registration and compatibility with EU regulations
  • We will help you to find financing sources for your project.

Why Crocoders?

  • We have over 15 years of experience in web applications development
  • We worked for companies like Onet, Dreamlab, Smart AdServer, iBillboard, Switch Concepts,, AdSparc, SparcMedia, Dzinga
  • We use technologies securing the best performance and scalability, making sure they are easy to maintain for you
  • We provide you with detailed cost split for each offer element to provide full cost transparency
  • We work in flexible SCRUM allowing you to control project progress and modify your requirements before final product is delivered; you can observe project progress using tools like Trello, Assana or JIRA
  • We have broad experience in delivering various web products like CMS powered corporate websites, rich-media ads, company process management platforms, ad delivery platforms and databases
  • We provide support and warranty for our work as an integral part of our services


Do you need our help? Contact us!

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